Zoom Connect Groups

How to Join a Group!

 How to join in:

1. Download the ‘Zoom’ app on to your computer or phone

2. Select ‘Join a meeting’

3. Enter the Meeting ID number for the meeting you’d like to join

4. Turn on your audio and video

5. HAVE FUN!!!

Adult Groups

Ron Edwards, Men’s Group

ID# 803-273-7149

Mondays, 6p

Pastors Scott and Crystal Boney

ID# 270-033-5311

Tuesdays at 6p

Bryan and Kim Walker

ID# 189-960-668

Wednesdays, 6:30p

Ashley and Milissa, Women’s Group

ID# 754-265-1588

Thursdays, 6:30p

Chad and Marissa Mouledous

ID# 518-145-6915

1st and 3rd Thursdays/monthly, 7p

Mr. Charlie, Men’s Group

 ID# 746-561-1285

Thursdays, 7:30p

Young Adult Groups

*All meetings: Tuesdays, 6:45p

Whitney, Johanna, and Ben

ID# 838-051-8522

Tia, Beth, and Jared

ID# 248-848-1040

Kylie, Christian, and Jordan

ID# 721-003-7846

Pastors Shelby, Logan, Devin, and Catherine

ID# 293-340-6310

Brooke, Sababa, and Oliva

ID# 370-767-3592

Rebekah, Pete, and Jill

ID# 741-984-5270

Katie and David

ID# 551-832-7735

Youth Groups

High School Girls

ID# 721-003-7846

High School Boys

ID# 658-669-0517

Junior High Girls

ID# 991-578-1284

Junior High Boys

ID# 285-941-3692