The Mission Church of Haiti

Spiritual Growth

Our goal for The Mission Church of Haiti is to establish a church that will be self-propagating, self-governing, and self-supporting. This is especially important in communities where hopelessness, powerlessness, and inadequate resources are common. We are committed to providing Christ-centered training to the people of Jeremie, Haiti and surrounding regions with the following:
• Pastoral and Leadership Training
• Wise Stewardship of Resources/Funds
• Family Life Training
• Community Outreach
• Children’s Ministry
• Church Planting
• Evangelism and Discipleship

Relief Aid for Immediate Physical Needs

Clean drinking water is a critical need among the people of Haiti. Approximately 80% of all illnesses in Haiti are caused by contaminated drinking water. We dug the first solar well in the Grande Anse region. The solar well is a game changer in this area. The community was constantly sick from bad water coming from the river everyone uses. We now see smiling faces coming to our campus daily to get safe drinking water.

We have also established a Children's Feeding Program where we are currently providing nearly 300 children with one warm micronutrient-enriched meal each day.

Microeconomics Development

Microeconomics Programs are market-based programs that provide impoverished people with resources to start and maintain their own businesses. Once immediate physical needs are met, long-term solutions to poverty are needed. This is the embodiment of the old saying, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

Our Microeconomics Training Programs offers training in: how to write a business plan, ethical business practices, and financial feasibility of a business proposal. We are providing small business loans on approved projects.

Partnerships with Christian Churches and Charitable Organizations

We are actively engaged in, and pursuing partnerships with, Christian churches and charitable organizations to provide the people of Jeremie with the following:

• Clean Sanitation/Waste Systems
• Ecologically Sound Power Sources
• Structurally Sound Buildings
• Maintenance Training for Buildings

The Mission Church Outreach to Jeremie, Haiti Accomplishments

• Purchased seven acres of beachfront property in Chateau, located next to the US Navy Humanitarian Relief Center Warehouse, and the Haitian Regional School System Headquarters and soccer field. There are many more businesses and government departments moving into the area.
• Trained and established pastoral leadership for The Mission Church of Haiti, along with 28 pastors from other churches in the region. This is an ongoing project which happens yearly at our church conference in the summer. We now have 3 churches.
• Training Children’s Ministry leaders for The Mission Church of Haiti, along with several other churches in the region.
• 50 baptisms in 2022.
• Built and installed a cement post and wire fence around entire property.
• We send several teams of volunteers to provide children, teen, and adult ministries, and property work projects.
• Built a 2,700 sq. ft. Church and Multipurpose Center.
• Purchased a generator to provide electricity to the Church and Multipurpose Center.
• Purchased an SUV for Pastoral workers and Multipurpose Center use.
• Purchased motor bikes for Pastoral workers and Multipurpose Center use.
• Children’s Feeding Program established where 300+ children receive one micronutrient-enriched meal per day, five days a week.
• We feed our campus staff of 20, 5 days a week.
• Totaling 60,500 meals served in 2022!
• Goats, cows, and a garden of bananas, beans, corn, squash, watermelon, and yams are currently being raised on the property.
• Dug a solar-powered well to provide the entire community fresh, clean water.
• Just over 300 students enrolled in Pre-K through 8th grade for the 2022-2023 school year.